Our Video Production Process

We work closely with all clients to ensure their filmed story meets their expectations. Below is an outline detailing how our video production process will be applied to your brief.

Most projects will inevitably suffer delays if the remit of the video has not been agreed in advance, or if there is a lack of clarity regarding the commission. This is why we will invest time up front in the planning phase to ensure your brief if understood. Planning will enable us to identify opportunities which could enhance the video-making process, as well as threats which could harm the production. As we go through the planning process, we will work with you to set realistic objectives. For example, it may not be necessary to includes shots in multiple locations if time is a restraint. Most importantly, planning will develop better communication during the video making process. Below is a quick overview of our production process.


Capture of ideas which will make your video production stand out based on your brief. We work through a number of concepts which will have a greater chance of engaging with your desired market. This is where project concepts are connected bringing your project into existence.


Content is filmed based on an agreed storyboard and location. We will also have a makeup artist on hand to assist on appropriate projects. Filming can take place at your location or at a suitable studio.

Post Production

This is where we take all filmed footage and carefully edit the content incorporating all elements of the brief and design. We use industry standard post production animation and editing software.


Handover of all video work is submitted using a file transfer service. Videos are delivered in agreed file formats. If social media assistance is part of the package, we will upload all video content to your desired video file sharing site such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Private Portfolio

Our video production process offers all clients a password protected private video portfolio. This viewing area is where video drafts will be uploaded for review and final acceptance. We don’t like surprises as much as you do so prefer to keep you updated throughout the video production process.

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