Color Grading? Assist your Storytelling with Beautiful Color

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Color grading – Enhance your film

Color grading is a creative process that enables a video or film to take on a particular style. With advancements in color grading software, it offers a number of creative storytelling possibilities including the ability to manually change the exposure of a shot and overall colour of the image.  It is a very common practice which can be seen in the cinema and on television.

Whichever project you are working on color grading can be used to add artificial lighting, soften edges or even add common looks popular with Hollywood films. If you are looking to recreate the look and feel of a crime drama, you can do so. You can warm or cool off a scene or build a new look from scratch. You can adjust skin tones and enhance skylines. Advancements in color grading allows for footage to be isolated as shown below and individually color graded.

Masked out image color correction

Example of Masked out image

Is there a right or wrong?

Color grading is an artistic process. Being purely creative there is no wrong or right answer. There are numerous tools available which a colorist of editor can use. During the process the color of the film can be adjusted along with the following

  1. Bad artefacts can be removed from the video
  2. Skin can be soften removing blemishes
  3. Footage can be resized and sharpened
  4. Gradients and lens filters can be added
  5. Numerous other possibilities

If you are planning a new project colour grading may help achieve some great artistic results. If you plan on working with a production company, don’t be afraid to talk to them about plans for the visual style of the project. There may be a particular look you have come across on television or film which may be possible to recreate in your video production.


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