Seven Video Categories Right For Your Business

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Creating video for your business is a great step forward, but do you know which type of video is right for you? There are various types of video which you may want to explore, but knowing which video category is right for your business best is often confusing. If you are unsure and need a little guidance, check out the following video categories below.


If you were to meet a potential customer face to face, how would you convince them that your business is better than the competition? A pitch is first and foremost about your business and why people should buy into it. These types of videos are often seen as the most important in attracting attention to a business’s products and services.


Video interviews can be powerful tools if your business is trying to spread an idea or generate interest in a product. They can also be useful in explaining more complex topics. For example, if your business is trying to raise awareness on a charitable matter, producing a video interview with someone who is knowledgeable about the question in hand can be a great way of educating your target audience on the issue.


A services video is commonly used on websites to convince the visitor to enter their email details so they can acquire a free or discounted product or service. The video will tell the visitor about the product and how it can help their business. All email addresses collected can later be used in the business’s follow-up marketing and sales campaigns.


Video tutorials are a great way of explaining how a product or service is used. For example, many software companies use tutorials to explain complicated functionality. In the fitness industry, personal trainers can benefit from differentiating themselves by promoting tutorial videos with their exercise techniques.


These videos can be useful when your business is offering new knowledge and skills. If your business is teaching a course, educational videos make great supplementary material. The good thing is they can either be offered online or also packaged on a DVD.


Testimonial videos showing how others perceive your business can be very effective marketing tools adding substantial credibility. If a new customer is thinking of purchasing a product or service from your business, seeing a video testimonial on your website could be key to sales.


Think for a moment how Hollywood uses trailers to generate interest in forthcoming films. The same principles can be used by your business. Your trailer video could be used to highlight a future product or service. It could also be used to promote another video.

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