The Video Effect – Online Video Projections on the Rise

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Online Video is Changing How the World Communicates

A dramatic evolution in the way businesses communicate is emerging thanks to social media networks and services offering video screening facilities via the Internet, such as YouTube and Vimeo. This ‘Video Effect’ is redefining how businesses market their products and services using online video. When the first commercial video camcorders came out relying on analogue recording onto videotape, the process of both editing and distributing content was far more complicated and expensive than it is today. Now, readily available equipment at affordable prices and a growing number of video production companies has radically changed the effect that video can have on a business. Today’s video landscape continues to change at an incredible pace with those embracing video as a marketing tool already seeing the benefits this can have for their business.

Businesses who want to create their own online video content can now choose from a growing number of devices which can capture video, such as smartphones and tablets. Also, improved web camera technology is allowing PC and Mac users to film themselves directly from their computer. This is ideal for video blogging where the subject just needs to be stationary. Production companies can provide small businesses with ‘bigger company experiences,’ offering affordable services once reserved for those only with deep pockets.

Online Video Internet Projections on the Rise

In 2012 Cisco, the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet released its annual Visual Networking Index, a forecast of how IP networks are growing globally, and came up with some interesting predictions for 2016. Most can be attributed to the consumer video as a major growth factor.

  • By 2016, 1.2 million video minutes, the equivalent of 833 days (or more than two years), will travel the Internet every second
    • Estimates suggest there will be a total of 3.4 billion global Internet users by 2016,
    which is approximately 45% of the world’s projected population
    • There will be 1.5 billion Internet video users, up from 792 million in 2011 Video Internet Usage Projections On The Rise
    • In 2016, there will be 1.6 billion users of mobile video making it the fastest consumer mobile service up from 271 million in 2011
    • Globally, Internet video traffic will be 55% of all consumer Internet, up from 51 percent
    in 2011

Still Undecided?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then your business’s online video will be worth a million words, and will help increase the customer retention of your message. Studies conducted by educational researchers suggested that 83% of human learning occurs visually and 11% through hearing, with the remainder via the other senses of smell, taste and touch. Studies conducted by psychologists and educators found that retention of information three days after a meeting is six times more likely when information is supplemented by both oral and visual information as opposed to oral communication only. Subjects retained 10% of what they heard from an oral presentation, 35% from a visual presentation, and 65% from visual and oral combined. The strength of online video is in being able to deliver messages both visually and orally which improves how information about your business is retained.


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