Video SEO – 5 Tips To Look Out For In A Marketing Company

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With many video SEO companies offering services these days, it can be a bit overwhelming choosing the one that is right for you. If your brand is thinking of committing to video SEO, it’s definitely worth running a check past them to find out exactly how they gauge success. Below is a checklist of seven items brands should consider before choosing any video SEO company:

How is Video SEO success measured?

Ask yourself before committing to a vSEO company, what are their criteria for success? Also, if the company fails to improve the rankings of your video, is there a money-back guarantee? If this is the case, and you feel their original assurances are not met, then using a service which does provide this guarantee will give you peace of mind.

Video SEO experiencesure you study the video SEO company’s experiences. If you are considering dealing with a new business, make sure they have come from a SEO background and actually have the experience and expertise to support any claims they make.

1. Case studies and testimonials

Does the video SEO service have any visible testimonials from reputable clients? It’s always useful to find out how their services may have benefitted other businesses. Also, do they have any detailed case studies? Do not be afraid to ask them about their measures for marking success.

2. Competition

Is a detailed analysis of the competition included? Any information on key competitors, who have video, and are ranked highly, will help provide good insights on what is working. You can learn a lot from your competition’s successes and failures.

3. Improved video ranking expectations

How long will it realistically take for your videos to appear high-up in the search engine rankings? Rather than expecting that your videos will be ‘No1‘ straight away, remember that search engine providers, such as Google, keep their ranking algorithms a closely guarded secret and that it will take time to get good rankings. I would be wary if the video SEO claims to have a search engine algorithm blueprint.

4. Reports

What reporting will be made available to monitor the traffic that views your video? The number of views is not necessarily an accurate indicator of a video’s success. Knowing how much of a video your typical visitors watch is a key measure. Make sure you check with the video SEO business to see which analytical tools they offer.

5. Video SEO keywords

Keywords may attract people to your website, but may not necessarily result in a sale. Therefore, what are the relevant keywords which maximise your chances of converting a new customer?

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